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2013 Hall of Fame

Heinz Wegener

In 1951, Heinz Wegener along with his parents and brother immigrated to the United States from Germany. His early school years were difficult as fellow students often picked on Wegener because he recently arrived from Germany. This made Wegener determined to work hard to fit in with the crowd. By doing well in school and becoming a strong athlete, Wegener was able to do just that. His drive and work ethic continued through high school and into his college years at Indiana Tech. It even helped him pursue and marry the girl of his dreams, Nan, at the end of his freshman year at Indiana Tech in 1967.

Wegener graduated summa cum laude from Indiana Tech in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. While earning his degree, Wegener worked as a junior engineer at Magnavox Company in Fort Wayne.

Upon graduation, Wegener began his career at General Electric in Utica, N.Y., designing circuitry for military and space station receivers. He and Nan moved from there to Atlanta, where Wegener worked in the Satcom Division of Scientific-Atlanta designing circuitry for satellite communications receivers and other satellite-related products. He was also manager of the Ground Communications Equipment engineering department where he managed new product design and standard product support.

In 1978, Wegener spent a year gaining valuable experience designing radar receivers for the Georgia Institute of Technology Research Institute. During this time, Wegener founded Wegener Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of Wegener Corporation, in the laundry room of his home.

Wegener Communications has grown into a multi-million dollar leader in the satellite communications industry. For the first 11 years, Wegener directed Wegener Communications’ engineering. From 1989 to 1994, Wegener managed the Custom Products Group and the Telecommunications Business Unit and was responsible for initial implementation of world-class JIT manufacturing techniques and the Total Quality Commitment (TQC) concept at Wegener.

Today, Wegener is president and owner of Cross Technologies, Inc., which is a private company that manufactures electronic equipment for the satellite and telecommunications markets.

During his successful career climb to owning his own company, Wegener became both a workaholic and an alcoholic. Time with family and involvement with church became secondary to building his career. He found himself in a position that should bring happiness and joy, but instead he felt unfulfilled. In 1980, Wegener had a divine spiritual moment that changed his life forever, and in 1984, he was healed of his addiction to alcohol through prayer. In 1985, Wegener co-founded Norcross Fellowship Luncheon, a place for businessmen to gather and share their faith in Jesus Christ.

Because of the faith that both Wegener and Nan share, they have made generous donations to Indiana Tech that have provided for the Heinz and Nanalee Wegener Worship Center and made faith services more readily available to our students.

Wegener is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), a past member of the Executive Committee of the Southeast Council of the American Electronics Association (AEA), and served as chairman of the Southeast Council of the AEA in 1992. He is also a past member of the Board of Advisors of Technology Executive Roundtable.

Almost every year, you will find the Wegeners on campus during our Warrior Weekend. Wegener typically leads the prayer service held annually during this time. He is a true Warrior who continues to stay engaged with our Indiana Tech community and provide both hope and support for our students, faculty, and staff.