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Alumni Board of Directors

Indiana Tech Alumni Association Board Bylaws, Updated September 2017

The Alumni Board of Directors is here to serve you and the greater Warrior community. All board members are elected by vote at the annual Alumni Association meeting during Homecoming. Members of the board serve either a one- or two-year term but may be re-elected when their term is completed.

Some of the ways in which the Alumni Board of Directors serves you and the Warrior community include:

  • Listening to your concerns and suggestions
  • Providing a unified voice to the university on alumni-related issues
  • Helping plan events and activities to keep you connected to Tech
  • Providing a connection between current students and alumni
  • Assisting the Office of Institutional Advancement in strengthening the university
  • Promoting networking and mentoring among both alumni and current students

Alumni Annual Meeting – Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022

The alumni association annual meeting will be held at 3 pm in the Talwar Leadership Center located in the Snyder Academic Center on the Main Campus in Fort Wayne, IN.

The proposed slate of officers for 2022-23:

  • President: Darius Darling, BSBA 2014, MBA 2017
  • Vice-president: Ashley Aubrey, BSBA 2015, MBA 2017
  • Treasurer: Jayant Pichamuthu, BSCIS 1993
  • Secretary: Casey Hunsucker, BSBA 2006, MBA 2012
  • Outreach Committee Chair: Clifford Clarke, BSDP 1989, MBA 2005, Current Representative to Board of Trustees
  • Student Engagement Chair: Desmond Jones, BSCE 2016, MSE 2021, MBA 2022
  • Member-at-large: Sheri Stahlhut, BSBA 2010
  • Member-at-large: TiQuisha Noufé, BSOL 2011
  • Member-at-large: Torrence Craig, BSBA 2012

Agenda for the Meeting: To be posted soon

Alumni Annual Report: To be posted soon

Get involved

If you are interested in serving on the Alumni Board of Directors, please contact us at You can also contact any one of the current directors serving on the board. We’re also looking to form several Regional Advisory Committees to assist with engaging alumni in different areas of the state and country.

Current members

  • Alan Elliott, BSIME 2003, MBA 2010, President
  • Anthony Juliano, MBA 2003,
  • Ashley Aubrey, BSBA 2015, MBA 2017
  • Bill Hollinger, BSCHE 1963
  • Brent Thorson, BSBA 2010
  • Casey Hunsucker, BSBA 2006, MBA 2012, Secretary
  • Clifford Clarke, BSDP 1989, MBA 2005, Representative to Board of Directors
  • Darius Darling, BSBA 2014, MBA 2017, Vice-president
  • David Ferguson, BSBA 2018
  • David Shuherk, BSBA 2018
  • Jayant Pichamuthu, BSCIS 1993
  • Justin McClain, BSBA 2016, MBA 2017
  • Sheri Stahlhut, BSBA 2010
  • TiQuisha Noufé, BSOL 2011
  • Torrence Craig, BSBA 2012