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Statement in Support of University Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Released on June 17, 2020

As the Alumni Board of Indiana Tech (Indiana Institute of Technology), we acknowledge our role as ambassadors of the University as well as representatives of the 90-plus years of graduates from Indiana Tech since its emergence as an institution of higher education. We recognize that we are a diverse and inclusive group who have varied experiences with Indiana Tech spanning many years. It is with this foundation that we state the following:

The Indiana Tech Alumni Board rises to lend its voice in affirmation and support of the statement released by President Karl W. Einolf and the committee on June 17, 2020, regarding the University’s efforts and commitment to supporting Black students, faculty and staff through resource groups, educational opportunities, town hall meetings and hiring practices. We believe that this dedicated approach to include the Black campus community in the future of the University will create a place that is welcoming and appreciative of all cultures, allowing everyone to curate a campus culture, on main campus and regional campuses, that aides in the mission of the University which, in part, is to “motivate them (students) to a life of significance and worth.” Furthermore, we believe these University-wide initiatives will help create a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus culture for current and future Warriors on all levels of the University.

As we stand in support of the University’s approach to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future, we encourage the University to engage in monitoring and measuring the success of these initiatives, both qualitatively and quantitatively over time and sharing these reports with the Alumni Board and the Alumni Association.

We commend President Karl W. Einolf, Chief Diversity Officer Lisa D. Givan, and the committee, in this effort to pursue diversity, equity and inclusion at our beloved Alma Mater for the current and future students, faculty and staff. We stand in great anticipation, and offer our assistance, in these efforts, as well as future endeavors that will establish Indiana Tech as a national leader in diversity, equity and inclusion practices in higher education.


The Indiana Tech Alumni Board

Alan Elliott, BSIME 2003, MBA 2010, President
Anthony Juliano, MBA 2003, Liaison to Board of Directors
Bill Hollinger, BSCHE 1963
Brent Thorson, BSBA 2010
Casey Hunsucker, BSBA 2006, MBA 2012
Clifford Clarke, BSDP 1989, MBA 2005
Crystal Ringer, MBA 2017
Darius Darling, BSBA 2014, MBA 2017, Treasurer
Jarrod Williams, BSBA 2013
Jayant Pichamuthu, BSCIS 1993
Jedidiah Bressman, BACOMM 2014, Vice-President
Justin McClain, BSBA 2016, MBA 2017
Michelle VanAnda, BSBA 2012
Sheri Stahlhut, BSBA 2010
TiQuisha Hines, BSOL 2011
Torrence Craig, BSBA 2012